Boat - RV - Trailer Detailing

Exterior Wash Only (Full Boat/RV/Trailer) - $10/foot

Exterior Wash Only (Rubrail Up) - $7/foot

Exterior Wash & Wax (Full Boat/RV/Trailer) - $18/foot 

Exterior Wash & Wax (Rubrail Up) - $12/foot 

Exterior 1 Step Polish & Wax (Full Boat/RV/Trailer) - $40/foot

Exterior 1 Step Polish & Wax (Rubrail Up) - $20/foot

Exterior Compound, Polish & Wax  (Full Boat/RV/Trailer) - $65/foot

Exterior Compound, Polish & Wax (Rubrail Up) - $35/foot


Interior Detail - Starting at $25/foot


Contact us for FULL (interior/exterior) detail package prices!!


Prices INCLUDE travel to your marina but will

require electric & water connections.

We also have space to perform the services at our location.

(Prices are subject to condition, size and color of Boat/RV/Trailer)

(There will be an additional charge for exterior services on DARK paint/gelcoat)

Give us a call because not every situation is the same, the prices above are

averages and will vary depending on condition.