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A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coatingchemically bonds with the vehicle's factory paint, creating a layer of protection. 


The easiest way is to understand Ceramics Coatings are to think of them as a second layer of skin, or a sacrificial layer of protection over your car’s clearcoat.


They utilize nanotechnology, which are essentially tiny particles that form a very fine, thin layer completely invisible to the eye. Because these particles are so small, when applied to a surface, they seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat and even anti-graffiti. This layer is completely transparent.

The ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s surface, resulting in a ‘sacrificial’ layer that will not wash away under cleaning or rain, or break down over a short period of time. In fact, usually, it lasts years.


They repel dirt and water like nothing else, which makes them easier to clean. Their hardness helps to prevent swirl marks and marring from washing

ceramic coating -
We offer different levels of ceramic coating, contact us to discuss what is best for your needs!

Starting at $249

Price does NOT include paint correction

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